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Dear patients,


I hope that everyone remains safe and healthy and is getting accustomed to the changes that we now navigate in our daily lives. I have two important points to cover today. 


First, the news coverage of the Ministry of Health’s announcement this week that health care practitioners are allowed to go back to work immediately has gotten people excited. While this is very positive news, I’d like to stress that in contrast to what the media seems to be implying, the message that we are receiving from the Ministry, and from our colleges, is that we are allowed, under certain conditions, to begin to start seeing some patients slowly and carefully, using our clinical judgement to weigh the risks and benefits of care. We are not allowed to begin until we are certain that we can meet the new safety guidelines set out for us by the Ministry including cleaning and sterilizing procedures before and after each client, having appropriate and sufficient PPE, screening each client before appointments etc.. That is to say, there are a lot of logistical hoops to jump through. So, we are going to have to exercise our patience for a bit longer. 


An added complication to resuming care involves some unfortunate news about the fate of The Healthy Joint. As I’m sure you are aware, the pandemic closures have had a significant impact on many small businesses. The sad reality is that I can no longer carry the overhead required to maintain the business at its current size, and regrettably, must close the office. This leaves all of the practitioners (including myself) in the difficult position of having to find a new location to see our patients. All of us love the space and are heartbroken to let it go, but we must adapt to the changing landscape. 


As soon as the practitioners’ plans are settled, and details are finalized, I will forward their new locations and contact info to each of their clients. In the meantime, I continue to securely maintain custody of your patient files according to each discipline’s Standards of Practice; and will transfer them to the individual therapists when it is appropriate to do so. 


To my patients, many of you have been with me through renos, a gas leak, landlord issues, two moves, rebranding, and so many other changes. We weathered those storms and will do so again. It has been my pleasure to serve you and hope to continue to do so again soon, in a location to be determined - I will be in touch.


Yours truly,



Dr. Karen Baker, BSc, DC

Owner, Chiropractor