5 Ways Exercise Boosts Immunity

The fastest way to feel energized is to exercise, and the effects will be immediate. A simple ten minute walk will decrease tension, banish fatigue, and boost mental alertness for hours afterwards. Make it a daily routine, and pretty soon, you’ll be toning muscles, strengthening your heart, and improving the functioning of most organs and systems in your body. Exercise immediately lightens the workload of the immune system, speeding the elimination of germs and other threats by:

Stimulating circulation: Immune cells travel more quickly through the body, attacking and destroying invaders before they can do harm. Making you breathe deeply: When you breathe forcefully, you often expel more waste, notably carbon dioxide, through your lungs. Accelerating perspiration: As a result, metabolic by-products are eliminated faster through the skin. Increasing muscle activity: This helps move dead white blood cells and debris through and out of the lymphatic vessels. Improving self-confidence and self-esteem: This helps minimize the negative effects of stress.

Three or four brief sessions of strength training (such as lifting weights, doing push ups, or squats) and moderate aerobic exercise per week are all you need to supply your immune system with a greater number of NK cells, according to a review of 629 studies by the International Society of Exercises and Immunology. Although the number of NK cells drops back down to pre-exercise levels within hours, each workout pays off with a small but cumulative benefit that reduces the risk of infection and disease over the long term.

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