Intuitive Painting and Yoga Workshop Series

Exercise and art have been part of my life as long as I can remember. Like most kids, I could often be found drawing and making things; or climbing trees and physically exerting myself in any number of ways. My love of creating led me to go to college for art, and throughout it all I could often be found at the gym or outside exercising. These activities were really moments for me to connect with myself.

When I discovered yoga it became clear to me that this form of movement is much more than exercise – it is also an opportunity to look inside and connect even more deeply with myself. I fell in love with yoga around the same time I learned about intuitive painting. Intuitive painting – painting without an end in mind - was radically new to me, and actually a little scary. It is about painting one layer after another and watching your painting unfold and present itself to you. Like yoga, intuitive painting is about the journey, not the destination. Two passions were born and I have since become a certified yoga instructor and have brought the two practices together in a 7 week workshop series.

My painting sessions begin with a flowing yoga practice preparing the body, mind and soul for the painting experience ahead. Painting becomes more fluid, experimental and free. The combination of these practices allows us to open up and reconnect with our inner self and creativity. It is truly amazing to see what evolves, one layer of paint at a time.

I have found that when you allow yourself to gently meet your limits and bravely push through them, you discover there is more light for you to let in. The process may bring you through a range of emotions and uncover things that no longer serve you - that you are ready to set free. The benefits will be unique to each person. My hope is that you will explore your creativity, find new ways to express yourself and come away with increased self-confidence, self-love and enhanced intuition.

In the seven week workshop, each class will begin with 45 minute gentle hatha flow class, followed by one hour of painting and a closing 15 minute stretch and meditation. You are provided all the required materials and will work on your own canvas(es). You will be guided with suggested techniques to help move your paint around the canvass. Layer upon layer your painting will reveal new visions and insights.

This journey of self-discovery and exploration is about enjoying the process, not stressing about the outcome. Most importantly, it is about doing something nourishing for your mind, body, and soul.

7 Week Workshop Starts Sunday, February 26th, 2017

9:30am - 11:30am

7 Week Series: $350

Contact Shannon at 647-784-2630 or to pre-register

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