Are you catching a flu or cold? I feel ya, it is the season for it.

By Zachary Lui, Qi Gong Instructor

However....don't fret! Shake it off ! With... A movement called: Thunder strikes the Mountain. does exactly what it sounds like, striking and shaking things up. The form comes from the 8 Set Brocade. It is the last movement in the set (the one where you stand on your tip toes, drop a half-step with your heels, then drop to the ground- having your feet completely on the ground). The above form is not only great to fend off flus and colds, its also great to give you a shock or wakeup call! (metaphorically) A modification of the form if your shoulders are having issues and are sensitive after is instead of doing it in 3 steps, add a few more half steps as you go down, so the vibration or shock isn't as intense. See how that works for you. This week on the video circuit.. I've put up two videos covering basic theory on the reasoning and the whys on what we do. Checkout the video below and follow Zac Twitter @TorontoQiGong.

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