Give Your BODY a Vacation

Julia Pilliar, Registered Dietician, Kinesiologist

Vacations and "Staycations‟ are great ways to rejuvenate during winter months. However, a week of indulgence and inactivity can leave your body in need of another holiday. Good nutrition and adequate movement is essential to work toxins out of our systems and replenish energy. Here are some tips for a healthy and nourishing holiday whether at home or abroad:

1. Drink lots of (clean) water! This will keep your bowels happy – which has a significant effect on how you feel – and will keep you hydrated and ready for play.

2. Make your vacation an active one. Plan a new adventure each day that piques your interest and forces your body to move. Take advantage of resort services such as salsa lessons and yoga. If at home, try a new exercise class or recruit some friends to start a walking group.

3. Get as much sleep as your body desires – the hours between 10pm and 6am are optimal for repairs to body and mind.

4. Be aware of your diet, as this can be even more important than activity. Avoid going back for seconds at the buffet, or helping yourself to desert every day, and indulging in sugar-filled alcoholic beverages. Try to eat as you would (or better than) at home. If at home, learn some new recipes and freeze extras for busy times in the future.

5. Take time for yourself each day to engage in deep breathing activities and/or meditation.

6. Laugh and socialize daily and allow yourself a mental vacation – leave the office and other stressors behind; focus your mind on the present and how relaxed and content you feel.

7. Indulge your mind in a hobby you haven’t had time to enjoy recently. Or try a new hobby like playing an instrument, painting, writing... tap into your creative juices.

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