Holistic Nutrition Consulting is a unique approach to achieving optimal health. We believe that health is individual and that each client will have different concerns and needs. Holistic Health begins with whole food - food which is closest to its original form. We explore the healthiest foods and educate you on the benefits of each one, relative to your needs. Food is what builds our bones and maintains our entire body. We cannot sustain life with processed, altered or fast foods.


We will explore the detriment of refined foods. In addition to a healthy diet we might recommend supplements to compliment the diet and replenish any deficiencies. While diet is often our main focus, we also consider the balance between mind, body and spirit. We consider family, relationships, work and any other aspects of life that could be out of balance and might manifest as a problematic health condition. Our main objective is to help you feel better so you can achieve all your hopes, dreams and goals.


Through the exploration of healthy foods and diet, we aim to provide the education and support necessary to achieve optimal nutritional health - beginning with whole foods (foods that are closest to their original forms) and teaching the harmful effects of processed, altered, or fast food. 


By assessing your individual needs, we will guide you to make healthier food choices. In addition to dietary counseling, we address ways to integrate these new choices into family, relationships and work life. Consideration may also be given to nutritional supplements and external influences affecting your healthy balance between mindy, body, and spirit.