Karen Baker, BSc, DC, CTP Dipl Can

"A good place to start on the road to healthy living, is simply to move your body, eat wholesome food, relax and nurture yourself."



Soft Tissue: Myofascial Release & Trigger Point Therapy

Adjusting: Diversified, Activator, Drop-Table, 

CranioSacral Therapy


Education & Training

Centre for Training in Psychotherapy, CTP Dipl Can

Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, DC

Southern California University of Health Sciences, DC

Queen's University, BSc


Roles at The Healthy Joint

Owner, Clinic Director


Therapist in Training @ Centre for Training in Psychotherapy


Treating Hours

Tuesdays & Thursdays 2pm - 7pm

Wednesdays & Fridays  8:30am - 1:30pm

Saturdays (alternate) 9am - 2pm

My Philosophy of Chiropractic

It's all about movement - good quality movement! Our bodies are designed to move - it's what keeps them healthy. Poor ergonomics and postural strain lead to tight, short, imbalanced (and often painful) muscles. These can limit range of motion in joints; if the joints can't move they deteriorate, and become arthritic - it's as simple as that. 


My primary goal with every one of my patients is to improve the quality of motion of their joints, in whatever way works - some people require more soft tissue work (to loosen and balance muscles), others, regular mobilization and manipulation of the joints; some people's bodies are very sensitive, so gentle techniques are the most appropriate and effective approach. In my 15 years of practice I have learned that each patient has different needs and comfort levels; I try to meet you where you are, and help get you where you want to be. 


The three recommendations I make for practically everyone are: MOVE your body (get active); eat REAL wholesome food ; find time to de-stress (RELAX and nurture yourself).