Corrective Exercise & Functional Movement

CORRECTIVE EXERCISES are used to restore health to the body by correcting muscular imbalances which produce joint and muscle aches and pains. Imbalances are caused by what we do in daily life: sitting for prolonged periods at a desk, performing unbalanced exercises at the gym, or playing 'lopsided' sports (such as golf and tennis) that strengthen one side of the body at the expense of the opposite side. When people repeat the same movements over and over, they develop muscle imbalances and faulty postures. These imbalances, if not addressed, will likely lead to more serious injury. As well as causing physical pain, muscle imbalance can ultimately impact energy level, lead to poor muscle growth and possibly result in muscle atrophy. 


FUNCTIONAL exercises mimic movements necessary for everyday life. A focus on 'function' means viewing muscles as interrelated groups as opposed to isolated entities. Appropriate groups of large, small and stabilizing muscles must be recruited, strengthened, and encouraged to work synergistically. Training the body in a functional way results in improved muscle balance and neural recruitment, and reinforces proper biomechanics - all of which help decrease the chance of injury and prevent or alleviate chronic pain.  


At The Healthy Joint our Personal Trainers  will provide ongoing biomechanical assessment, determining tight muscles and giving daily stretch protocols;  give progressive body weight exercises with strong emphasis on core strength and the healthy recruitment and activation of muscle groups. As well, we focus on balance training - another important and often overlooked component of a well rounded fitness routine. This type of fitness routine can be tailored for all strength and fitness levels. It is ideal for the beginner and challenging enough for the seasoned athlete.


We believe you do not need a lot of heavy-duty gym equipment to be fit and healthy!