Adam Roth, MSW, RSW

"We will uncover hidden strengths, and use creative problem-solving to find solutions that fit with your life and guiding values."

Hello! My name is Adam Roth and I run Connection Counselling. I have been working with individuals and groups living with anxiety, depressive symptoms and trauma for over 10 years. Do you struggle getting out of bed? Feel exhausted all the time? Are you frequently worrying about things you may have said or done, what others think, or what may happen in the future? Do you find yourself constantly locked inside your own head while the days seem to pass you by in a blur? Does it take an unusual amount of energy to be social? Does life seem to lack meaning?

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Treating Hours

Thursdays  11:00am - 8:00pm

Fridays 11:00am - 8:00pm

So maybe the next question is, "what can I do about it?" If you want positive change, let's talk! Once I have a grasp on your situation, stressors and barriers keeping you down, we can work together to develop your goals, uncover hidden strengths, and do some creative problem-solving to find solutions – big and small – that fit with your life and guiding values.


My goal is to support you and provide an empathetic ear and a safe space to talk when it feels like others don't understand you, your problems or your feelings. I believe in using established tech to solve complicated problems, so I offer video/phone/chat counselling to all Ontarians & also in-office in Toronto. If you could use a hand, please reach out.

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